Information for Graduates

There are many things graduates need to know to prepare for the ceremonies. Here you'll find information on regalia, tickets, and much more.

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Spring 2017 Graduate Checklist

date task
Jan. 20 Apply for graduation
Mar. 28 - Apr. 22

In order to participate in the appropriate ceremony, students must register with the University Store by Saturday, Apr. 22 (learn how to register by reviewing Commencement FAQ's below).

Students who register after the deadline will still be able to participate, however if their college ceremony is full, they will be assigned to another ceremony based on availability.

Mar. 28-May 18

Purchase regalia/have previously worn regalia or religious/military attire approved by the University Store (please note that students will no longer be able to wear the 150th anniversary gown) 

Regalia ordered on or after May 15 will incur a $25 late fee. Students will not be permitted to register for participation after May 18.

May 1-May 8 Print commencement tickets
May 8-May 19

Pick-up cap and gown

May 23 - Jun. 23  Confirm/update account information to receive your diploma by mail
May 24 - May 26

Commencement ceremonies are held over three days.

Please note, graduates are required to show photo identification before participating in a commencement ceremony. Students who attempt to participate in commencement without prior approval from the Graduation Office will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education for disciplinary action.

Commencement FAQs

How do I apply for graduation? 

Please visit the Graduation Office to learn more about applying for graduation. Please note that your graduation application must be approved before you may complete any of the other steps in the checklist.

How do I register for the ceremony?

In order to register/participate in the ceremony, you must have applied and been approved to graduate. Once this step has been completed, you will need to do one of the following:

  • Order regalia from the University Store
  • Have religious or military attire approved by the University Store
  • Have previously worn regalia approved by the University Store

It is necessary to complete one of these three options in order to successfully register you for the ceremonies and guarantee your tickets. Students who miss the registration deadline will not be guaranteed participation in the ceremony of their choice.

I'm a double major/interdisciplinary program student. Which college should I pick?

Students with double majors or degrees that bridge two colleges (e.g. Secondary Education, Human Resources Educational Leadership, Environmental Sciences, or Environmental Studies) must register to walk with the college of their choice by Apr. 22, 2017 at the University Store. Students who miss this deadline will be assigned to an appropriate ceremony based on availability.

I am a graduate and will require a special accommodation during the ceremony. Who should I talk to?

If you are a student with a disability who will require accommodation at the ceremony, please contact the Disability Support Services Office, 410-704-2638, so necessary arrangements can be made.

How many commencement tickets do I receive?

Four tickets have been placed on an account in your name through the e-ticketing website and will be available starting at 10 am on May 1, 2017. Please be sure to log-in to your account between May 1, 2017 - May 5, 2017 to verify that your account is working properly and that you are able to access your tickets. Please visit Tickets for more detailed information on how to access tickets and also obtain extra tickets.

When and where do I pick-up my cap and gown?

Cap & gown pick-up begins on Monday, May 8, 2017 at the U-Store Nook (located next to Tiger Reels). We strongly encourage students to pick-up regalia as early as possible to ensure that your order and size are correct.

When do I receive my parking permit and where do I park?

Graduates will receive a parking permit for Lots 13/14 with cap & gown pick-up. Students who will be wearing previously worn regalia, religious attire, or military attire will need to pick-up their parking permit during cap & gown pick-up. 

Lots 13/14 are located just outside of Unitas Stadium. 

 What do I need to know for the day of my ceremony?

The Office of the Provost has developed a Commencement Guide for Graduates, which contains all of the information graduates need to know about Commencement. Students will also be given a hard-copy of this guide at cap & gown pick-up.

 How do I ensure that my name is read correctly at the ceremony?

Upon arrival at the Student Robing Room (located in the Towson Center gymnasiums), students will need to check-in with their OneCards or other photo ID's to receive a student name card, which will be what you present to the faculty name card presenter prior to walking across the stage. If you have concerns over the correct pronunciation of your name, you will be directed to a special area where volunteers can assist you with adding the phonetic pronunciation to your name card.

Students are also encouraged to review the Phonetic Spelling Guide for additional guidance.

How will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas will be mailed to the student's permanent address on file. Please be sure to go to your Student Center to ensure that the permanent address on file is accurate. You may check with the Graduation Office for information about the diploma mailing schedules.


Please be advised that fraudulent activity or misrepresentation of information or eligibility to participate in commencement may result in disciplinary action through the TU Office of Student Conduct and Civility Education