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Visitors and Department Guests

Vehicles parked on campus must display a valid permit or be parked at a paid meter from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday.  Permits are not required in most locations from 3 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday or when the university is officially closed for a holiday or inclement weather.  Reserved spaces and restricted lots are enforced at all times, with restriction information posted at lot entrances and reserved spaces.  The posted information takes priority over printed information. 

FY 2016 Departmental Visitor Codes are valid as of July 1, 2015.  Additional FY 2016 Department Visitor Codes can be requested throughout the year.

Campus Visitors

Visitors must park in a designated visitor area.  Visitor permits can be purchased at a pay station and must be clearly displayed on  the vehicle dashboard.   Loading meters are available in limited locations throughout the campus.  Unless noted otherwise, pay stations are located at each of these locations:

  • Towsontown Garage Ground Level entrance ramp
  • West Village Garage Ground Level
  • Administration Building Front Lot
  • Union Garage Ground Level entrance ramp
  • Lot 12 Center for the Arts
  • Glen Garage Ground Level
  • Towson Center lots 13, 19, & 21, pay stations are located at lots 13 & 21.
  • Lot 2 Stephens Hall/Glen Drive- Restricted to guest with a department code or handicap plates/placard.
  • Lot 17 - department guests with handicap plate/placard only and visitors after 5 pm.
  • Department guest code spaces are available in all visitor lots except lot 17.

Pay Stations and Meters

Individuals using the campus pay stations should have exact change only to purchase a permit.  The pay stations will not dispense change. No refunds will be processed.

Free 20 minute spaces are available throughout the campus (link to parking map below).  To park in a 20 minute space, retrieve a permit from the pay station and place on the vehicle dashboard.

Please note that there will be no change or refunds for overpayments when using the paystations.

Also, the system does not accept pennies, dimes or bills larger than $10.


Tigers Go Green

As part of Towson University's Go Green initiative, Parking and Transportation Services is offering a discounted visitor parking permit for certified SmartWay Elite vehicles. A list of eligible vehicles is located at each visitor paystation on campus.  Click here to find out if your vehicle is Certified SmartWay Elite. If a Green Visitor permit is purchased for a non SmartWay Elite vehicle, it is considered misuse of a permit.  Violators are subject to a $300 fine, vehicle towing at the owner's expense and other University sanctions.

Department Guests

Individuals visiting campus as the guest of a department may be eligible to obtain a coupon code for complimentary parking paid for by the department.  Guests should contact the faculty/staff member arranging their visit to determine if the department will pay their parking fee. 

Departments may request visitor codes by completing a Department Guest - Code Request Form for Visitor Parking.  Codes may be requested throughout the year and are valid for a single use.  Departments will only be billed for codes actually used.  Billing is done in July for the prior academic/fiscal year. (Ex. Codes for 2014-2015 were billed in early July 2015 for the FY15 budget)

Valid locations for visitor permits


Obtained From Pay Station Department Code
Cash/Credit Card
Valid Visitor Location(s)*

Union Garage, Towsontown Garage, Glen Garage,

Center for the Arts lot 12,


Union Garage,Towsontown Garage, Glen Garage, West Village Garage,

Lot 12, Stephens Hall

All Towson Center Spaces except 21A

Towson Center

lot 13 or 21, West Village Garage


West Village Garage, All Towson Center Spaces except 21A

Glen Drive lot 2



Note:  Permits purchased with cash/credit card are only vaild with authorized user of a handicapped plate/placard.

Department visitor code is valid in departmental guest and regular visitor spaces.

Towsontown Garage, Glen Garage, West Village Garage, Glen Drive, Lot 12 at Center for the Arts,

All Towson Center Spaces except 21A

*Visitor permits are also valid in commuter spaces after 3 pm and faculty/staff spaces after restricted hours posted at each lot.

Campus Maps

Visitor Rates

Daily Rates



Rate if Paid

by Individual

Rate if Paid by Department
Towsontown Garage
*$3/hour - $12 Max

Lot 2 Stephens Hall/Glen Drive

*Handicapped or Departmental Guests Only

Not Applicable
Administration Front Lot
*$3/hour - $12 Max
Union Garage
*$3/hour - $12 Max
West Village Garage
*$3/hour - $6 Max
Lot 13 and 21 - Towson Center
*$3/hour - $6 Max
Evening Rate - all locations, Commuter lots after 3 pm, and Faculty/Staff lots after posted hours

Overnight 24 hour permit - available after 3pm for parking in Overflow areas only - where all permits are valid.

(Only available at West Village Garage, Lot 13 & 21 Pay stations)

$8/24 hours
Not Applicable



Long Term Rates Fall 2015/Spring2016


Eligible Individuals

Overflow Weekly


Faculty/Staff, Commuters, & Visitors

Overflow Monthly*


Faculty/Staff, Commuters, & Visitors

*Faculty/Staff & visitors may only purchase a maximum of 2 monthly permits per academic year.  Exceptions can be made at the discretion of Parking & Transportation Services for additioinal monthly parking permits. A visitor parking permit application will need to be filled out at the Auxiliary Services Business Office in order to purchase a permit. Visitors opting to purchase a weekly or monthly permit should park in a 20 minute space or purchase a visitor parking permit at the paystation then park in a designated visitor parking space prior to going to Auxiliary Services.


Summer Rates

Applies the first Monday after spring Commencement through

two Fridays prior to the first day of fall classes


Eligible Individuals
Daily Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors



Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors



Faculty/Staff, Commuters & Resident Students, Visitors



Major Campus Events Affecting Parking

The university hosts various major events that may affect parking on campus. During these events, parking may not be available in particular areas or may be subject to special restrictions and/or fees.


Planning for Event Parking

Departments and event coordinators must contact Parking & Transportation Services to schedule parking arrangements for all events that require 10 or more parking spaces, regardless of whether there is an associated parking fee or the event is being held during non-peak hours, including weekends.  An event parking request form must be completed and submitted to Parking & Transportation Services prior to scheduling an event date or location. At its discretion Parking & Transportation Services will determine if parking will be available for the event.  If parking is available, the requesting department will be notified with the lot locations and any relevant event information. 

Department coordinators are encouraged to schedule events during non-peak times. Peak times are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Thursday.  A maximum of 100 guest spaces will be available at any time for all events each day. For details, contact the Event Coordinator by e-mail at upark@towson.edu or call 410-704-PARK.

Parking and Transportation Services

Union Garage

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

410-704-PARK (7275) Parking, Events, Shuttle and Charter Bus Information
410-704-RIDE (7433) Para-Transit Services and Requests
Fax: 410-704-3370
E-mail: upark@towson.edu




University Police

Closings & News
410-704-NEWS (6397)

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