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This section describes policies and procedures regarding campus telecommunication networks and services. Information regarding services can be obtained through OTS' Networking and Communication Service's Web site and is also available in the Towson University Telecommunications Policies & Procedures Manual. Common telecommunication terms and their definitions are provided at the conclusion of this section.



    A. Networking and Communications is the custodian of the campus inside and outside telecommunications systems and facilities.


    B. Networking and Communications is the campus service department responsible for the procurement and maintenance of telecommunications services.


    C. All service and move, add or change requests must go through the OTS Help Center to ensure successful and timely completion. You can do this by calling the Help Center at 410-704-5151 or by e-mailing .


    D. All Move, Add or Change (MAC) requests must be submitted by the Departmental Telephone Coordinator to provide the proper authorization and FRS Code (budget number) for the work to be performed.

    The Help Center will not open a MAC ticket without proper authorization by the Departmental Telephone Coordinator and FRS Code (budget number) for the work to be performed.

    The following table details Telecommunications "Standard Work Completion Schedule".

    Standard Work Completion Schedule
    Type of MAC Request Work Completion Time (without cable) Work Completion Time (with cable)
    1-5 Communication Outlets 7 Business Days 15 Business Days
    6-10 Communication Outlets 12 Business Days 20 Business Days
    11 or more Communication Outlets Scheduled based on availability Scheduled based on availability


    All MAC orders that require specific completion dates or expedited work will be forwarded to the Manager, Networking and Communication Operations to determine resource availability and scheduling requirements.

    Additional charges may apply for work requests that require an outside vendor. In addition, a 40% surcharge will be applied to all rush or expedited MACS that are required outside of the above work completion times.

    E. Any Towson University employee or student can report trouble and service issues.


    F. To facilitate prompt service, users must contact the OTS Help Center for all MAC and trouble issues. Networking and Communication Services will not be responsible for the successful completion of this work if it is reported outside of the OTS Help Desk.


    G. When new station cabling is to be installed in new structures or existing buildings, Networking and Communication Services:


    • Exercises management control of all inside and outside communications cables, ducts, frames and distribution closets.
    • Reviews building drawings, sizes cables, selects cable routes and provides engineering specifications for the inside and outside plant.
    • Engineers and installs outside cable plant from the closest service point to the building distribution frame. Funding for outside plant pathway and cabling to the service point is provided by the building project budget.
    • Installs or arranges installation of telephone riser and station cabling. The tenant departments or building project budgets fund cable riser and station cabling.
    • Installs and tests station equipment provided by Networking and Communication Services.

        The standard telephone instrument for the university is a black, NEC, 16-button D-term. In addition to the standard station equipment, there is a standard feature class that is issued campus-wide. Please see the definitions section at the end of this document for a list of standard features included.

    • Administers the reuse or removal of old outside and inside cable plant.

    H. Building project budgets are charged for inside and outside plant pathway construction to the telecommunications service point.


    I. To assure individuals' rights to privacy, Networking and Communication Services protects telephone call records from routine disclosure except when needed by:

    • Departments to review monthly bills and charges for validity
    • Towson University's Internal Audit Office for audit of record keeping procedures or for investigative purposes
    • Towson University's Police Department for investigative purposes
    • University Counsel for investigative or legal purposes

    Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Assistant. Director of Networking and Communication Services and the Director of Computing and Communication Services.

    J. Tracing or trapping of calls may be performed in the case of threats to life or property. Such traces or traps must be authorized by the Towson University Police Chief (or designee) or University Counsel.


    K. Telephone calls, telex or facsimile messages may not be charged to the main campus number, pay phones or courtesy phones.


    • Networking and Communication Services
      • Plans, coordinates and provides for delivery of telecommunications services for on-campus sites, including all residence halls with the exception of Millennium Hall
      • Provides consulting services to departments for technical and fiscal advice on telecommunications matters
      • Acts as the office of record for telecommunications cable and wiring documentation
      • In conjunction with Financial Services, provides, at no charge, a Monthly Billing Statement to departments
      • Maintains, through the OTS Help Center, an online campus telephone directory for faculty, staff and students.


    • Department
      • The Departmental Telephone Coordinator authorizes telecommunications service work and use of facilities located within areas of departmental jurisdiction. The Departmental Telephone Coordinator consults with Networking and Communication Services about new telephone installations, telephone moves and telephone changes that affect the department's station cabling and equipment use.
      • The Departmental Telephone Coordinator reviews telecommunications billing to determine the validity of the charges and credits to the account/fund number cited.
      • The Departmental Telephone Coordinator reviews and updates their departmental faculty and staff phones, FAX numbers and modem numbers on a quarterly basis.


Except for residence hall telephones, telephones used on the campus system must be obtained from the Telecommunications Department. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the AssistantDirector of Networking and Communication Services. All telephones used on the system, including those in residence halls, must be FCC approved.

Networking and Communication Services will only service equipment that they supply.


    • Faculty and Staff
      University telephones and calling cards are provided to conduct university business. Local personal calls by employees using university telephones or university calling cards may be permitted subject to approval by the employee's department. Departments that allow personal calls by employees assume responsibility of seeking reimbursement for associated long distance charges. Pay telephones are located throughout the campus for the convenience of students, employees and the public for conducting personal business.


    • Students
      All charges related to 700, 800, 900 and any other specialty number calls will be the sole responsibility of the students residing in the room that the calls were originated.


To avoid damage to the system or disruption of services to customers, only personnel authorized by Networking and Communication Services may have access to distribution closets and switch rooms for installation, maintenance, or repair purposes.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Director of Networking and Communication Services and the Director of Computing and Communication Services.


    • Requests for Telecommunications Services
      The Departmental Telephone Coordinator should contact the OTS Help Center at 410-704-5151 for the following services:


      • new telephone installation and service
      • telephone moves
      • restrictions or changes to telephone services
      • auxiliary telephone equipment (longer station cable, longer phone set cable, headsets, etc.)
      • voice mail
      • ACD information and consultation
      • cellular telephone services
      • pager services
      • estimates involving remodeling, renovation, and new construction
      • telephone, voice mail, and ACD training
      • telecommunication consulting services

        The Department Telephone Coordinator must provide the following information to begin the work order:

      • Primary contact name (Department Telephone Coordinator), phone extension, building and room number
      • Secondary contact name, extension, building and room number (in the event the primary contact is out or unavailable)
      • Detailed description of the move, add or change (MAC) request
      • Building and room number where the work is to be completed
      • Departmental budget code for billing purposes. Note: no ticket can be opened without the FRS code.


    • Requests for Repair Services (Faculty/Staff & Students)
      The OTS Help Center, 410-704-5151, should be contacted and provided with the following information to begin repair services:
      • Primary contact name, phone extension, building and room number
      • Secondary contact name, extension, building and room number (in the event the primary contact is out or unavailable)
      • Detailed description of the problem or service needed
      • Building and room number where the work is to be done


    • Billing Assistance
      The Departmental Telephone Coordinator should contact Networking and Communcation Services at 410-704-5151 option 1 for the following services:
      • Departmental long distance calling cards
      • All departmental billing-related matters


    • Restrictions to Service
      • Departments may control toll access of individual telephones by selecting the appropriate Route Restriction Code (RRC). For example, a phone could be restricted to only make local telephone calls.
      • Networking and Communication Services will provide consultation service on request regarding other means of reducing costs, including toll fraud preventions.


    • The individual and departmental information found in the campus directory is compiled from the Towson University online directory and from information solicited quarterly by each Departmental Telephone Coordinator. Changes to departmental and individual telephone listings should be e-mailed to by each Departmental Telephone Coordinator throughout the year.


    • Please contact Networking and Communication Services at 410-704-5151, option #1, to request a hardcopy of the Towson University Telephone Directory.


    • Charges for telecommunications services appear on the department's monthly FRS report distributed by Financial Services. Networking and Communication Services provides campus departments with web-based monthly Billing Statements.


    • Unidentified toll charges can be investigated and may be rebilled if necessary by Financial Services upon request. Charges for long distance calls may be adjusted if the call was improperly placed or billed in error.


    • Please contact Networking and Communication Services at 410-704-5151, option #1 for all billing-related matters.


Service Rate
Telephone Installations and Relocations  
Install Wiring, Voice Port, New Outlet, Activate New Digital Telephone Service and Activate Voice Mail $380
Activate New Telephone and Activate Voice Mail
(Outlet and Wiring already installed)
One-Time Telephone Charges  
Cost of new Digital Telephone Included in Monthly Rate
Telephone Number Change per Phone $45
Additional Telephone Line per Phone $45
Cost of Voice Mail Box Included in Monthly Rate
Each additional Voice Mail Box per line $15
Voice Mail Call Processing Features Individually Priced
Phone Sheet Replacement $5
Install or Replace 25-foot telephone station cable $7.50
Install or Replace 15-foot telephone handset cord $5.50
Install or Replace 25-foot telephone handset cord $7.50
Monthly Charges (Effective July 1, 2001)  
Digital Telephone Service, Digital Phone, and Voice Mail $30
Digital Telephone Service, Digital Phone, and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) features $40
Residential Service $27
Analog Telephone Service (e.g., FAX Line) $23
Automated Call Distribution Configuration  
Install or add ACD stations Individually priced
Network / Data Outlet Installations and Relocations  
Install Wiring, Data Port, New Outlet, Connect to Access Layer Equipment, Activate Data Service Time & Materials
Activate Data/Network Service (Outlet and Wiring already installed) Time & Materials



    • ACD -- Automatic Call Distributor system. This system queues and delivers incoming calls to a campus call center.
    • AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT -- equipment such as headsets and external bells that are added to telephones, telephone lines or the telephone system to enhance or modify voice capabilities
    • COMMUNICATION OUTLET -- a standard room wall outlet consisting of one voice and two data ports
    • BUILDING DISTRIBUTION FRAME -- centralized connection point within a building where telephone or data terminal wiring is terminated and cross connections are made to the campus telephone or data networks
    • DISTRIBUTION CLOSETS -- physical locations in buildings, usually a closet, where centralized distribution frames are located
    • MAC -- moves, adds or change requests for telephone lines
    • PLANT PATHWAYS -- routes and support structures through which telecommunication cables are run in a building
    • ROUTE RESTRICTION -- levels of dialing access such as, campus only, local, in-state, out-of-state and worldwide
    • STANDARD FEATURES -- conferencing, call forward all calls, call forward busy, call forward no answer, last number redial, save/repeat a number and one touch speed dialing
    • STATION CABLING -- communication wire running from a distribution closet to a room wall outlet and jack
    • STATION EQUIPMENT -- voice, data, and auxiliary equipment furnished to customers
    • TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES -- services provided to the campus by Networking and Communication Services, including:
      • Installation, maintenance, repair, consultation, training and coordination functions related to station equipment (for faculty and staff) and the telecommunications system
      • Providing local dial tone to faculty, staff and students
      • Design, installation and maintenance of the Automatic Call Distributor System
      • Assignment and maintenance of voice mailboxes
      • Faculty and staff long-distance access
      • Installation and maintenance of campus courtesy, emergency and elevator telephones
      • Wireless service, including cellular telephones, NEXTEL telephones and pagers
      • Other services as described elsewhere in this section
    • TELEPHONE CALL RECORDS -- information or documents that reflect calling and called telephone numbers


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