Towson University is deeply committed to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation through the TU Entrepreneur Experience.

Mainstays of the TU Entrepreneur Experience

Leadership Development is at the Core
  • We bring the resources of a large university paired with the commitment to personal attention.
  • We value practice over theory.
  • We believe you are more in charge of your future when you are exposed to real-world business.
Business Collaboration and Preparation are Championed
  • Creating a vibrant and supportive entrepreneur ecosystem leads to greater success for Towson University students and the greater economy.
  • Collaboration opens doors to expanded networks, funding and ideas.
  • A self-directed approach to learning entrepreneurship fundamentals ensures access to the most relevant exposure and results in optimal preparedness.
  • Our unique framework encourages students to explore what works and what doesn't, exposing them to a full range of outcomes in a low-risk environment.
Entrepreneurial Values and Business Ethics are Layered Horizontally
  • We believe that when you know more, you risk less.
  • Beyond "invention to commercialization," we apply entrepreneurship principles to the whole individual, not just the individual business idea.
  • We know that entrepreneurship happens within all disciplines. We foster opportunities to bring together students from across different academic colleges and departments to develop their ideas and business plans.
  • Committed to social innovation, we seek to innovate government and the public and private sectors alike by building a culture of entrepreneurship.