Counseling Center

Towson University’s Counseling Center is the source of personal counseling and psychological help on campus for students, faculty and staff.

Counseling Center


Dear Towson University community,

      At the Counseling Center, we value and celebrate diversity and extend this spirit to the populations we serve, treating all with dignity and respect. 

      We recognize that this most divisive election in our nation’s history has heightened lived experiences of racism, sexism, Islamaphobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression. We are here to fully support members of our community who are dealing with these experiences. We also recognize that other members of our community are struggling with confusion, anger and hurt about others’ reactions. We are here to fully support these community members as well. 

      If we are going to move forward with healing ourselves as a community and a nation, it is essential that we listen with compassion to those whose experiences differ from ours. We at the Counseling Center pledge to you that you will be heard here, and that you will be safe here.

Making an Appointment is Easy!

It's easy to make an initial appointment to speak with a counselor. Call 410-704-2512 or stop by the Counseling Center to arrange for a private meeting to discuss your concerns. Our services are confidential and for most there is no fee. Due to the high demand on our services, beginning August 1, 2016, students who miss appointments will be charged $20. For more information, check out student services.

The staff at the Counseling Center values the importance of diversity for all individuals. People from every background are affected by issues of culture. Multicultural competence is therefore an essential component of our work with every client. We all benefit from an understanding of how power, privilege, cultural identities (e.g. gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, social class, and many others) and individual differences affect our daily experiences. We recognize that students come to the center at various levels of comfort with these identities and therefore, make it a priority to meet students where they are. All of our lives are enhanced by a better understanding of the diverse world in which we live.

The Counseling Center seeks to help students make the most of their college experiences. We work with students to resolve emotional difficulties; improve personal skills; overcome the effects of trauma, disadvantage or substance abuse; and achieve personal goals. If you are unsure if you or a friend needs help, please watch Emotion 101, a video created by the Half of Us campaign to encourage students to get help and remind them that it is okay to seek help.

The Counseling Center also seeks to improve the quality of life on campus as a whole. Recognizing that the university community includes people with a wide range of concerns and needs, we provide programs and presentations by request, and offer a full calendar of events during the academic year.