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Sexual Assault

The Towson University Counseling Center is committed to assisting students who have been recent or distant victims of sexual assault and to working with the University and Towson communities to educate about this issue and prevent future assaults. If you have been victimized, you do not have to face the situation alone. We encourage you to come and seek assistance and support.

If you or someone close to you has been victimized, you are likely to have questions and concerns. See these attachments for information on what to do and what not to do.

What to do if it happens
How to help a friend

You are Not Alone - Virtual Pamphlet

Campus Services

Counseling Center 410-704-2512

The Towson University Counseling Center can provide you with free and confidential individual or group counseling to help you heal from the assault and also can connect you to other resources in the community. Counseling for sexual assault can help by:

• Assisting you in understanding and working through your reactions to the assault.
• Enhancing your ability to cope with the assault.
• Providing support throughout the legal and/or campus judicial decision-making   process.
• Minimizing the potential long-term effects of sexual assault.

While there is not one particular response to experiencing a sexual assault, there are numerous reactions that are common. The Counseling Center offers a variety of services for students who have experienced a sexual assault, recently or in the past. Services including assessment and referral, individual and group counseling, and workshops. For more information, contact 410-704-2512.

• Individual Counseling
• Group Counseling
• Sexual Assault Support Group: a group that allows female survivors of sexual assault (experienced recently or in the past) to join together to gain support from one another and to learn ways to cope with the aftermath of the assault. Group members are not asked to share details of their assault but, rather, have the opportunity to explore the impact it has had on their lives. The group meets weekly during each semester. For more information call the Counseling Center at 410-704-2512.
• Assessment and Referral
Workshops and Education


Dowel Health Center 410-704-2466

The Health Center is fully equipped to assess your injuries, test for and treat STDs, and provide emergency contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Services are confidential. Even if you are unsure whether you want to press charges, the Health Center can provide care and assistance with your decision making.

Student Conduct Process

File a report with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 410-704-2055

If the accused is a Towson University student, a victim may initiate judicial action, regardless of whether criminal charges have been filed. Also, a victim may request a change of on-campus living, class schedule, or other accommodations related to the assault

Towson University Sexual Assault Policy and Procedures

University Police 410-704-2133

Safewalk 410-704-SAFE (7233) TU police department escort service that operates 7 days a week during the hours of darkness

Women's Center 410-704-2666

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Committee

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Committee (SAPRC) meets monthly, or more often in subcommittees, with the following goals:

1. To help shape University policies regarding sexual assault.
2. To develop and implement awareness programs regarding sexual assault, such as risk reduction, the relationship between sexual assault and substance abuse, available campus resources, dating violence, and how to help a friend.
3. To coordinate prevention efforts across departments and academic disciplines.
4. To develop more passive educational materials regarding sexual assault and disseminate them through various mediums (i.e., brochures, on-line resources, posters etc.).
5. To develop and implement protocols to provide support services to anyone in the University community who is a victim of sexual assault.

SAPRC membership


Hospitals / Specialty Trained Forensic Nurse Examiners

Both GBMC and Mercy perform forensic exams (S.A.F.E.). If you think you may want to press charges then it is essential to go as soon as possible for this exam. You can also seek care at any local hospital even if you think you don’t want to press charges.

If the assault occurred in Baltimore County contact the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, 6701 North Charles Street, 443-849-3323

If the assault occurred in Baltimore City contact Mercy Medical Center, 301 St. Paul Place, 410-332-9499

Turnaround: Nonprofit organization helping individuals and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual abuse through counseling and advocacy programs.

24 Hour-Hotline, 410-828-6390

Towson 410-377-8111
Rosedale 410-391-2396
Baltimore 410-837-7000

Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) 1-800-893-RAPE (7273)

Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI) 301-565-2277 Organization providing free legal services to survivors of sexual assault

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) 1800-656-HOPE (4673) National Sexual Assault 24 Hour Hotline


Campus Events:

Check out upcoming sexual assault programs and events on Facebook!

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes
Take Back the Night

Web sites:

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women
Manavi Helpline
National Center for Victims of Crime Stalking Resource Center
“Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault”

Anyone can download all 26 audio tracks of the book (12 chapters plus interviews with each survivor after their chapter) for FREE. With the download of the audio tracks, people can also download the complete ebook for free.
SAFER: Students Active for Ending Rape


Voices of Courage – edited by Mike Domitrz
Shattered -- Debra Puglisi Sharp's
Still Loved by the Sun: A Rape Survivor's Journal -- Migael Scherer
Victims No Longer -- Mike Lew (a book for male survivors)
I Never Called it Rape -- Robin Warsaw
Fraternity Gang Rape -- Peggy Reeves Sanday
Your Sexual Healing Journey -- Wendy Maltz
The Rape Victim – Mary Koss & Mary Harvey
The Rape Recovery Handbook – Aphrodite Matsakis


What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is a broad term that refers to any unwanted sexual contact or attention achieved by force, threats, manipulation, pressure, tricks, or violence.

Sexual assault is defined by Towson University as forcible sexual intercourse, sexual penetration--however slight--of another person’s genital or anal opening with any object, sodomy, or any unwanted touching of an unwilling person’s intimate parts or forcing an unwilling person to touch another’s intimate parts. Under this definition, these acts must be committed either by force, threat, intimidation, or through the use of the victim’s mental or physical helplessness, of which the accuser was or should have been aware. This includes, but is not limited to, victim helplessness resulting from intoxication or from the taking of a so-called “date-rape drug.”

What is acquaintance or "date" rape?

Acquaintance Rape refers to any unwanted sexual contact or attention achieved by force, threats, bribe, manipulation, pressure, tricks, or violence by someone with whom the victim is acquainted. This familiar person may be a spouse/partner or just someone the person may see around. This type of assault accounts for approximately 85% of all sexual assaults and is typically a planned attempt to have consensual sex.  Date Rape is only one form of acquaintance rape.

Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault

Common Reactions Following Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Myths and Facts (PDF)

Sexual Assault Safety Tips (PDF)

Peer education Program (PDF)

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