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Kelley Elkins in Chemistry Develops an Inexpensive, Quick Way to Detect Hallucinogenic and Psychedelic Effects

Law enforcement needs quick and inexpensive methods to test seized materials to determine their identities and whether those materials were the cause of individuals’ illnesses and/or deaths—even if the amounts of materials collected are contaminated or too small for other detection methods. That’s where Towson University assistant professor Kelly Elkins and master’s students Anjelica Perez and Alicia Quinn come in. Undergraduate TU forensic chemistry student Thomas Boise joined the project this year and has conducted further specificity, limit of detection, and spiked apple cider studies and compared the test to a commercial water strip test kit.  Read more »

Undergraduate Kielan Wilcomb and Professor James Overduin Find a New Way to See Inside Black Holes

At the 228th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Kielan Wilcomb, an undergraduate major in Physics presented the results of her research conducted with Dr. James Overduin, Associate Professor of Physics at Towson University and Richard Henry of the Johns Hopkins University. Their results could rewrite conventional ideas about the internal structure of spinning black holes. Current approaches use special coordinate systems in which this structure appears quite simple, but quantities that depend on an observer's choice of coordinates can give a distorted view of reality, as anyone knows who has compared the size of Greenland and the USA on a map.  Read more »


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