Computer Science (M.S.)

Combining in-depth study and real-world experience, the master’s program in computer science at Towson University prepares you to meet the demands of the growing and changing field of information technology.

TU faculty and students

The master’s in computer science provides a comprehensive curriculum with a solid scientific and technical foundation for pursuing either doctoral work or advanced positions in business, industry and government. Graduates find high-profile jobs as software developers, web developers, computer security analysts and e-commerce analysts.

You can choose from three tracks:  

  • Software Engineering Track — recommended for students interested in the design, implementation and support of software programs
  • Computer Security Track recommended for students interested in the design, implementation and support of protecting data security
  • E-Commerce Track recommended for students interested in the design, implementation and support of software and systems for secure transactions on the Internet

Graduate Program Objectives

  • Students can apply advanced skills in theoretical and applied computing principles to solve a variety of problems.
  • Students can work effectively in teams and communicate effectively.
  • Students can design, develop, analyze, and evaluate software, software systems, and algorithmic approaches.
  • Students can participate in, and be well prepared for, research and development in computer science in industry or academia.

View admission and degree requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

If you don’t have an academic background in computer science or a related field, you can complete prerequisite coursework in computer science and mathematics.



With three tracks to choose from and a thesis option, the computer science program offers flexibility and variety. Whether you’re a full-time student or a part-time working professional, you can complete coursework in our state-of-the-art facilities through convenient late afternoon, evening and summer classes.

Real-World Connections

Computer science students put their knowledge and skills to work outside of the classroom in a wide variety of real-world internship opportunities with local employers and organizations. Graduate assistantships in the department are also available.

Throughout the academic year, the computer science department organizes conferences and seminars, giving graduate students a chance to share their skills and make connections with local employers and industry leaders.

Outstanding Faculty

Our dynamic and accomplished faculty excel in both teaching and research. Dedicated to mentoring, they offer valuable perspectives on the information technology industry and on Towson’s programs to help you select the course of study best-suited to your interests.

Contact Information

Yanggon Kim, Professor of Computer and Information Sciences

7800 York Road, Room 473


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