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Registration for Honors Orientation is now live on the Honors Orientation page. Honors Orientation is mandatory for all incoming first-year and transfer students, and is separate from Towson University's general New Student Orientation (which is also mandatory).

The Towson University Honors College is committed to undergraduate students’ intellectual and character development. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary study, research and co-curricular experiences, we seek to cultivate flexible minds and foster broad knowledge that strengthens students’ scholarly interests, nurtures their talents, develops their sense of ethical responsibility and enables them to navigate a globalized world.

Here are five reasons to choose Towson University Honors:

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Emphasis on Experiential Learning

Honors students are encouraged to engage in advanced research projects and experiential learning through study abroad, internships and service learning. These experiences are driven by student inquiry, action-based learning and better position Honors students for successful careers and post-graduate study in a globalized world.

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Enriching Seminar Classes

Seminars are the core of the Honors curriculum and each one is designed to explore topics from multiple scholarly points of view. Honors classes have an average of 12 to 20 students, are discussion-based, collaborative and examine creative topics that are only taught in the Honors College.

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Award-Winning Faculty

The Honors College has talented professors who love to inspire students. Outstanding teachers, prominent researchers, authors and scholars offer insights in their fields of study. Honors faculty represent a range of academic disciplines and are among the most innovative at Towson University.

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Variety of Perspectives

Our community connects exceptional students who share a passion for learning. Students in every major are members of the Honors College therefore, Honors courses and co-curricular programs are interdisciplinary experiences that push students outside of their academic and interpersonal comfort zones.

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Community Engagement

We are a small community of like-minded individuals within a large university setting. Honors students are athletes, they are leaders of student organizations and dedicated members of campus, local and international communities. Outside of the classroom, the heart of Honors is in Douglass House, the Honors residence hall. Here, our students live, work and learn together in pursuit of their passions with the guidance of faculty and staff.


News & Events

Honors New Student Move-In


9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

New and transferring students who are members of the Honors College are permitted to move-in to their campus assignment on Wednesday, August 23. Please refer to your letter from Housing & Residence Life for more details. Returning students and new students living in Douglass who are not members of the Honors College must move in on their regularly scheduled date. 

Feast of Nations


5:00 p.m. West Village Commons Ballrooms A&B

Kick off Honors Orientation and meet your fellow students at the Feast of Nations international dinner! Region of focus TBD. Attendance is mandatory for all new and transferring students.

Honors Orientation


8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. West Village Commons Ballrooms

Explore the Honors College and Towson University at Honors Orientation. Discover the foundations of the Honors College, including intellectual and co-curricular resources, building relationship with fellow Honors students, faculty, and staff, and start building a meaningful TU Honors experience. Honors Orientation is mandatory, and is separate from New Student Orientation. Click here to register for Honors Orientation.