International Student Association


Towson University

“Bridging the Gap”


The International Student Association (ISA) will promote, develop and maintain international and cultural awareness.

Article I - Name

As of Fall1999, the organization will be referred to as the International Student Association (ISA), formerly known as the International Club.  No other name shall be used to represent the club or for advertisement purposes.

Article II - Purpose

The mission of the ISA is to create unity among American students and International students thereby maintaining its unique and positive contribution to Towson University.  The organization strives to create an appreciation for the ideas and traditions indigenous to all International students at Towson University

The main objectives of the ISA are to promote cultural recognition, respect and education by offering events with numerous themes coming from different world regions:

¨         cultural exposures, cultural showcase, cultural activities.

¨         international festival

¨         service learning to educate the community on international affairs

¨         trips to expose International students to American culture

¨         forums for cultural and/or individual expression

Article III- Membership

Membership is open to all SGA fee-paying students. Active members shall be defined as those who participate in club meetings and events held during the academic year. New members may be accepted at any time.

Article IV- Executive

All officers of the ISA are expected to display a professional conduct during meetings and all functions. Every officer is expected to participate in all activities and all general meetings.  The officers must be active members and be able to serve a full academic year term.  Officers will be elected by members of the organization. The executive committee shall consist of:

a) President

b) Vice-President

c) Treasurer

d) Secretary

e) Two Public Relations Officers

In the event that the Executive Board is not performing in the best interest of the association, the Advisors will decide upon the association’s future plans and goals.

Article V - Duties of the Executive


·         will oversee the other members of the executive in their duties

·         will plan all meetings: general and executive meetings

·         will have signing authority for the club

·         will maintain diplomatic relations with other organizations.


·         will assist the President in his/her duties

·         will assume all powers of the President in his/her absence

·         will have signing authority for the club

·         will maintain diplomatic relations with other organizations.


·         will be responsible for all financial dealings of the club

·         will keep complete records of all financial dealings of the club

·         will have signing authority for the club’s financial dealings

·         will attend the SGA mandatory budget meeting and senator meetings.


·             will be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings

·             will be responsible for any correspondence inside and outside of club.

·             will file and maintain all records

·             will be responsible for checking the ISA’s mailbox

Public Relations Consultants

·            will be responsible for promoting the organizations and its activities through marketing, advertising and distribution of promotional materials.

 Article VIII- Finances

 A membership fee will be set by the executive each semester.

 Article IX - Meetings

 At least two biweekly general meetings shall be held each month during the school year, including the Annual General Meeting.

 Article VIII- Elections

Only active members are eligible to vote. All elections will be held at the end of the academic year, In the event of a vacancy, a new election will be held.  Officers must be in good academic standing with the University and with the International Student Scholar Office (ISSO) academic policies.

 Article IX - Amendments

 Amendments to the constitution must be won by a two-thirds majority vote of members present. Amendments to the constitution must be approved by the ISSO and the International Student Association, which must be presented with a typed copy of the proposed amendment as well as typed minutes from the meeting when the amendment was passed in order to prove that this amendment was adopted.

 Article X - Impeachment

Elected officers may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote of members present will result in the removal of the impeached individual from the club and the loss of any privileges associated with the club.

 Any member of the club who commits an act negatively affecting the interests of the club and its members may be given notice of impeachment. 

 Any officer’s lack of participation and/ or attendance will result in impeachment decided by the executive board and ISSO advisors.

 Any active member may call into question whether or not an officer has fulfilled his/her constitutionally stated duties and responsibilities.  If an officer is considered for impeachment, that officer must attend an emergency meeting with the following people: the club’s SGA Senator, the club’s Executive Board, and the club’s Advisors.  if the officer is found at fault, that officer must make a formal apology to the club and vacate his / her office. 

 c:/Graduate Assistant/ISA/constitution (6/00)