Office of Inclusion

The Office of Inclusion (formerly the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity) promotes equal treatment, access and opportunity in all educational activities and employment decisions at Towson University.  


Diversity at Towson

Our Vision 

Towson University values diversity and fosters a climate that is grounded in respect and inclusion, enriches the educational experience of students, supports positive workplace environments, promotes excellence, and cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of the entire university community.

Our Working Definition of Diversity

“Recognizing and valuing the variety of backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs held by members of the Towson University community."

Diversity is a multiplicity of terms involving many variables. Our diversity tenets include sex, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, color, nationality, gender identity or expression, mental/physical ability, religious affiliation, age and veteran status. Diversity can also be shaped by our organizational/institutional structure (e.g. management status, classification, work location, division/department unit group).