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Leadership Development at Towson

Towson University prepares and empowers its students, faculty and staff to make a difference by cultivating leadership and civic engagement. Through these programs and initiatives, we advance leadership on campus and encourage mutually beneficial partnerships between the university and its community.


Academic Leadership

Towson University’s liberal arts foundation infuses intellectual, social and leadership development in credit and noncredit course offerings to ultimately guide students as contributing members of the workforce and of a democratic society.

Student Leadership Development

The Towson student experience beyond the classroom through a wide array of co-curricular activities, civic engagement, and student leadership initiatives, encourages personal growth and prepares students for global citizenship.

Athletics Leadership

Towson University’s intercollegiate athletics programs reinforce leadership principles and offer development opportunities both on and off the field for students, coaches and staff.

Faculty Leadership

Professional development opportunities in leadership for faculty identify individual and collective strengths, and enhance cross-campus collaborations and our ability to serve students.

Staff Leadership

Building Bridges Across Maryland and Towson’s Leadership Certificate are among the many leadership development offerings for staff that cultivate professional strengths in support of the institutional mission.

Professional Leadership Program for Women


Towson’s Professional Leadership Program for Women equips women with the knowledge and skills they need to be leaders within their own organizations and in the community. The program blends professional and personal discovery with hands-on practical experiential learning.


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Nancy Grasmick

"Towson University is on the cutting-edge of redefining the skills of educational leadership and enhancing the knowledge of thousands of Towson-educated teachers in classrooms throughout the state, region and the world.”

-- Nancy S. Grasmick, Presidential Scholar






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