Faculty Leadership & Professional Development

Professional development opportunities in leadership for faculty identify individual and collective strengths, and enhance cross-campus collaborations and our ability to serve students. 

Photo of a Conference

Office of the President

President's Leadership Institute

The President's Leadership Institute offers an intensive, year-long leadership program for faculty and administrative staff. The program focuses on interdisciplinary faculty and staff interaction, leadership concepts and experiences, and interaction with leaders on and off campus. Faculty and staff are invited to participate each year.

Office of the Provost

january conference

The Office of the Provost and Division of Academic Affairs host the annual January Conference for all faculty. The conference provides faculty and librarians with the opportunity for professional development, to learn about new and innovative teaching strategies, and to obtain updates on key academic initiatives.

Provost Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion

The Provost Fellow for Diversity and Inclusion works directly with the Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion to articulate a unifying vision for diversity and inclusion at Towson University.

Diversity Faculty Fellows Program

The Diversity Faculty Fellows Program supports the actualization of the university's vision for diversity by providing selected faculty members with opportunities to infuse diversity into existing curriuclum, create models to improve classroom dynamics in support of social justice, or identify strategies to enhance institutional practices.

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)

Intergroup dialogue (IGD) is a small group intervention that brings together individuals from two or more social identity groups with a history of tension or conflict (e.g., People of Color and White people; LGBT people and heterosexual people; Christians, religious minorities, and secular individuals; women and men).

The goals of IGD include: (1) creating sustained, face-to-face communication across groups; (2) raising social consciousness (e.g., about social inequalities, one’s role in perpetuating these inequalities, and the personal impacts of these inequalities on oneself and others); and (3) building bridges across group differences and a commitment to work toward social justice together. IGD has been implemented at colleges and universities across the country to engage students and faculty in dialogue about the most pressing and difficult social divisions in our society.

In a partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, a group of faculty and staff have begun piloting a program bringing IGD to TU. Courses have been offered with an IGD component in multiple colleges and departments.  Training is offered at TU for faculty and staff who are interested in becoming facilitators or creating a course that would use IGD.

For more information, please contact , Ph.D., Associate Professor in Psychology.

College Programs

Center for Leadership in Education

The Center for Leadership in Education at Towson University (CLE) is a resource for quality comprehensive leadership and organizational development support for schools, school systems, and education-related organizations throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

COFAC Fellows

This program provides tenured College of Fine Arts and Communication (COFAC) faculty members with the opportunity and resources to create and lead significant creative, scholarly or service projects across departments, between colleges, and with external organizations.  Currently two professors are serving as fellows leading collaborations between COFAC and the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism and curating an art exhibition which includes participation across TU and with regional partners.

Division of Student Affairs

Faculty Fellows Program

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program provides support for TU faculty interested in creating a new service-learning course or incorporating a new, significant service learning component into an existing course.