Degree Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the Undergraduate Catalog and to satisfy all published degree requirements. Failure to do so does not provide a basis for exceptions to academic requirements or policies. It is expected that students will receive assistance from general academic and faculty advisers, but students must assume responsibility for completing published degree requirements.

Students are also expected to be familiar with regulations pertaining to campus life and deportment, and to conduct themselves in a way that reflects well upon themselves and Towson University. Finally, students are expected to maintain communication with the university and to assure that their current addresses and telephone numbers are on file in the Office of the Registrar.

Satisfactory Progress to Graduation

Towson University is committed to fostering conditions that enable a student to complete their degree and providing support to help students achieve this goal. In accordance with Maryland law and University policy and in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward completion of a degree, all Towson University students shall:

  • Complete ENGL 102 or ENGL 190 (English Composition – Core 2) within a student's first year at Towson
  • Complete or qualify for a waiver of TSEM 102 (Towson Seminar – Core 1) within a student's first year at Towson
  • Complete all requirements for developmental course work in mathematics or reading, as determined by the University’s assessment process, within a student's first year at Towson
  • Complete one course from Mathematics (Core 3) within a student's first year at Towson
  • Complete and file a Degree Completion Plan by the point at which a student has earned 45 units. For students who have transferred to Towson with more than 45 units, the plan shall be filed by the end of a student’s first term of enrollment at Towson. This plan must: 

Include the remaining course requirements and the other standard graduation requirements that a student must complete for a degree.

Include a chronological sequence of the courses to be taken.

Be reviewed and approved by an adviser prior to final submission.

  • Details regarding how and where to file the Degree Completion Plan will be available to students through their primary academic department.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Music

Beginning Fall 2011 the university has adopted new General Education requirements.

Freshmen admitted Fall 2011 or later follow the Core Curriculum Requirements.

A list of Core Courses with the Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioral Sciences designations is available through the Academic Advising Center, Core Curriculum Course List.

Students using the 2010-2011 catalog or earlier follow the General Education Requirements.


Graduate Students

A guide to using the My Academic Requirements Functionality for Graduate Students. Basic graduate student requirements are now functioning for all students.

Please note: If you view your Academic Requirements and find no mention of your program specific requirements, please assume it is not set up. If you have any questions, please speak with your program director or advisor. A list of degree requirements can also be found here via the Office of Graduate Studies.


Students use Towson Online Services to register for classes and track their academic progress. Please note that some academic terms used online and in the catalog are interchangeable. For example: majors and minors are referred to as Academic Plans; concentrations and tracks are referred to as Academic Sub-Plans.