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Posting Procedures

All advertisements to be posted in the University Union must be submitted to the University Union information desk for approval. Union staff will post the advertising.
Posting on campus in academic buildings should only be on approved free posting boards in academic buildings.

Posting is never allowed on doors, windows, trees, poles, benches, lampposts, walkways, etc.

Students or student groups found in violation of this policy will be asked to remove the posting within 24 hours and judicial action will be taken. If after 24 hours the posting is not removed and Facilities Management cleans the surface, the group will be charged for the cost of their services.

Questions regarding this policy or alleged violations should be directed to Campus Life, 217 University Union, 410-704-2332.

Housing and Residence Life Posting Policies and Procedures


1.   All posted materials must be in compliance with all University Policies and Guidelines.

2.  Materials may not be posted by anyone other than Housing & Residence Life Staff.  See procedures below.

3.   Only materials from recognized University organizations or University departments will be accepted.  The     sponsoring organization’s name must be listed on the material.

4.   Generally, the materials submitted should be no larger than 8 ” x 11” in size.  Materials exceeding this size may not be posted depending on the availability of space.

5.   No items may be hung or displayed outside of a window or anywhere on a building or its adjacent structures (porch, rails, etc.).

6.   Items cannot be distributed door-to-door except when written permission has been specifically granted by the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Housing & Residence Life or his/her designee.  Note:  when a written exception is granted, only the Housing & Residence Life Staff will be allowed to go door-to-door with the approved material.

7.   Any item posted or distributed improperly will be removed and the individual(s) or groups responsible are subject to sanctions by Housing & Residence Life and/or the appropriate department/office.


1.   All items submitted must clearly state the sponsoring organization or department.

2.   All materials must be submitted to the Housing & Residence Life Office (located on the third floor of the West Village Commons. Room 309 – ex. 4-2516) during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

3.   Housing and Residence Life will only accept materials for specific dates/times only. No on-going club or organization meeting materials will be accepted as their posting duration would be considered excessive and likely ignored.

4.   The maximum number of flyers posted will be 15—one per building lobby.  Any additional copies given may be available in the Housing & Residence Life office.

5.   In order to be posted in a timely manner, all materials should be submitted at least five (5) working days of the event or activity.

6.   Housing & Residence Life staff will post in authorized areas approved materials for a limited amount of time. Flyers/posters will be removed within a few days after the event has been completed.

                                                                                                                                    Revised April 5, 2010







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