Student Launch Pad

At the Student Launch Pad, we know that entrepreneurship happens within all disciplines.

Develop your ideas and business plans with mentors, professors and fellow students from across campus. Strengthen your entrepreneurial prowess and innovation muscles at interactive programs, events and competitions open to the entire campus.

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Demo Day

Save the Date for the annual Entrepreneurship @ TU Demo Day, featuring competitions, presentations, networking and more. 


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Mission Statement

The Student Launch Pad at Towson University facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration between academics, student life, and our larger community to encourage Towson students to create enterprise as innovators, agents of change, and scholars.

Vision Statement

The Student Launch Pad at Towson University believes every student has the power and choice to be an entrepreneur and create their own opportunities. Student entrepreneurs are empowered to connect their knowledge, skills, and passions to the needs of our university, community, and the world.


Student Centered

The Student Launch Pad holds the student experience as paramount in every program, interaction, and decision.


The Student Launch Pad embraces and drives innovation to keep its programs dynamic and sustain a compelling entrepreneurial experience for students.

Leadership Focused

The Student Launch Pad embeds leadership development throughout its programs, curriculum, and activities.


The Student Launch Pad encourages diversity of ideas, opinions, and points of view. Interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity, and a supportive environment drive positive change for our university, community, and the world.


The Student Launch Pad empowers students to contribute to, and be supported by, the global entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture.