We provide professional quality photographs in digital form for the university’s print and online publications. Our photographers take photos of university people and events for use in TU magazines, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, posters and websites.

A selection of our best photography is available to Towson University faculty and staff through our Image Gallery.

Request Our Services

To request photographic services for TU events, please contact Kanji Takeno at  to confirm his availability for the photo shoot, then fill out the Request Photographic Services form.

If you need to reschedule a shoot that has already been confirmed, contact to schedule a new date, then fill out the Reschedule Photographic Services form.

For subjects who are not affiliated with Towson University, we require a model release form, Model Release—Adult (PDF), Model Release—Minor (PDF), to be signed prior to photos being taken

Official staff and faculty portraits are taken once a month as announced in Towson Tigers Today (T3)

If you have questions, please email Kanji Takeno at  for more information.